How English impacts the development of Paraguay and FALEVI´s role in it

How English impacts the development of Paraguay and FALEVI´s role in it

The “Facultad de Lenguas Vivas” started a new beginning for hundreds of people approximately 11 years ago. At that time English was not as important as it is now and there were only a few options available for people to study English.

This college might have started with what? 5 classes? 4 teachers? I don’t know, but their passion for teaching has given a magnitude of students a very useful and instrumental knowledge: the English Language.

One can see now, how every year improving techniques have made this university and this major, one of the most important and technologically friendly of Paraguay and I’M NOT saying this for being a teacher’s pet.


Truthfully, one of the most common questions is: Why FALEVI? There are as many reasons as people can fit in our auditorium, but I’ll mention just a few of them.

  1. Because FALEVI can fulfill the wish of people who want to improve their English in order to become a teacher or translator.
  2. Most people say that English nowadays is opening hundred thousands of doors and it has become very helpful and important to boost your curriculum.
  3. Another reason as to why attend FALEVI is the location, as it gives people the option to stay close to their homes.
  4. Furthermore, scholarship opportunities are also another reason to study here, especially for those who are fighting alone to become a professional and also for those who can’t afford college tuition. They are as smart as they are brave.
  5. However, the most important reason is most of the time forgotten; GOD. He is the main reason of why we are here right now and the main engine of our projects and dreams.

Despite all of this, many people here, including half of my ex-classmates have left after a month, saying they are not prepared to face this opportunity because they thought it would be as easy as it is in the CCPA or in High School; and they were wrong. For doing what? For not taking it seriously and for not having fought hard enough for their dreams.

As a result of this; each and every one of us, for those who have decided to stay to improve, to get stronger and smarter, we will put forth the effort they did not. Because students must prioritize their academic activities instead of procrastinating, they must learn how to manage their time especially for those who are working and studying at the same time.

In summary, thanks to FALEVI, Paraguay is developing faster day by day. As a suggestion, PLEASE keep the right attitude. What does that mean for you? Finish what you have started, it doesn’t matter how long it takes. If you apply this simple principle in your life, all of you will succeed in everything you have always wanted. Let’s take it seriously… FALEVI, English and more importantly our lives.

Escrito por:

Nicolás Benitez – Estudiante de la Carrera de Inglés en FALEVI